Nutritional Solutions

Nutrition is the core of the fundamentals that lead to optimal health. Gut stabilization, adrenal fatigue and overall toxicities are just a few of the areas frequently addressed with Wholefood nutrition. Wholefood maximizes nutrient uptake without the negative interaction with current drug regime. Ask us about the difference between synthetic and Wholefood supplements.

Clients of our nutrition programs have experienced:

Increased immune capacity
Weight loss
Improved Performance
Increased energy and quality of life
Improved overall health

Using the Best Nutrition Affiliates

Hudson Valley Whole Life Center uses Standard Process, a Wholefood supplement provider, for its nutritional supplementation. Founded by Dr. Royal Lee in 1929, this company grows crops for use in its supplements on company owned certified organic farmland consisting of 450 certified organic acres.  The body uses Wholefood supplements more efficiently than standard synthetic supplements since they are not foreign to the body.

In 2011 Standard Process spearheaded a Wellness initiative to extend to the military.  Our mission is to provide a unique holistic healthcare support service for military and veteran organizations through the Military Access Program.

Standard Process Patient Direct

Quality nutrition. Straight to your doorstep.


Practitioner-trusted vitamins and supplements.

Nutritional Evaluation to Get Started

Our nutritional services are an integrated part of our holistic approach to your well-being.  Nutritional evaluations consist of a computerized system survey analysis, a 7 day diet diary, review of nutritional blood work and saliva testing (if appropriate).  Download and fill out our Nutrition Consultation forms to get the most out of your Evaluation appointment.

Fill out and bring the following forms to your first visit:

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